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The world is full of interesting people and life can become all the more exciting by meeting them. It’s time to break through the virtual social barriers by fostering your own social circle outside just social media. With HiProfile, the fear of rejection has been diminished due to our “Approachability Bar” – every user will be able to adjust their approachability status, therefore allowing you, from miles away, to find those who want to interact.

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Get Rewarded for your Popularity

Do you want to be known for your social presence? Do you want to become famous for your online popularity? Get started by increasing your fame points based on your social ranking on existing social networks and build more and more friends and followers on the go.

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View their locations, approachability and popularity

Be a social butterfly with just a tap of a button

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Know what’s up and trending around the world

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Decide your next move with accurate weather reports


Health Tips

Stay fit with these nifty tips

Add Businesses

Amplify your business presence

Make Your Business Glow

Add your business listing on Google map view and boost your brand visibility on the digital landscape. All you need to do is tap on the business listing screen and follow a few simple steps.

About Us

HiProfile is a social network app company that combines leading-edge technology with real-life social interactions, designed to give you the best of both worlds. It is envisioned to give an opportunity to individuals to discover new people and places on the go and streamline their social media networking experience. It also encourages building the social footprint of its users by rewarding their social interactions with increasing fame ranks

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